Deep Deep Night
Air Date

October 9, 2014


Episode 2 Part 1

Opening Song

Kajirikake no Ringo

Ending Song

Two-Dimension's Love

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Deep Deep Night is the first part of second episode of Denki-Gai no Honya-san.


Umahone is having late night sale. As the shop opened, many customer rushed in. After chaotic customer arrival, the store closed at 2.00 a.m. Everyone very tired except Director and he told everyone can go home while he clean up the mess. Fu-girl also came to shop but she couldn't make to last train. The went to family restaurant as Sensei suggested.

As they finish eating, Fu-girl sleep and Sommelier volunteered to take her to Umahone nap room. At Umahone Sommelier put Fu-girl in futon and have talk with Director. Director offered a drink but Sommelier bring a bottle of wine which make Director sleep. Hiotan, Umio, Sensei and Kameko arrived and Hiotan want to revenge Director by drawing in his face but stopped by Sommelier.

Next morning, Umio wake up and found Fu-girl above him. Fu-girl put zombie make up at Umio and ask Umio to become zombie practice target. Fu-girl hit Umio with a bat and make everyone wake up but their just ignore and Director filming the action.

Adapted FromEdit

Chapter 1


• Half of the episode is anime original and half of the episode from manga Chapter 1

• In manga only Hiotan and Umio in a room while in anime everyone in room.

• Sommelier show some affection toward Fu-girl.