Endless Carnival



Endoresu Karunabaru

Air Date

October 16, 2014


Episode 3 Part 3

Opening Song

Kajirikake no Ringo

Ending Song

Two-Dimension's Love

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Hiotan, Go Home King of Pop

Endless Carnival (エンドレス・カルナバル Endoresu Karunabaru) is the third part of the third episode of Denki-Gai no Honya-san.


Umahone is having new year sale. Many customer rushes into Umahone. Sommelier try helping Fu-girl as she nearly stride by customer and out of spirit. Kameko and Sensei are trying very hard at the counter. Umio was surrounded by customer while holding new book. As a pile of book nearly hit Hiotan, Director quickly hold the books and told Hiotan to help outside. Hiotan was manning the customer waiting at outside.

As the sale over, everyone was really exhausted and Sommelier seems plastered. Director apologizes for asking them to stay very late. All of them comfort Diretor telling him how much they love the job. Diretor ruined the mood by telling them they had to work overtime tomorrow.

Umio and Sensei are celebrating the new year event at shrine. Sensei show her special place where they can see Denki-gai. Sensei told her wish was to be manga artist and make a debut but Umio not telling his wish.

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