Fu-girl (腐ガール[1]) is a 16 year old female worker at the Uma no Hone Bookstore. Her real name is Koharu and has a younger brother.

Appearance Edit

Fu-girl is very short, Due to her being very short, she looks very young[2]. She has short red hair with pig tails. She also has small pointy teeth, and blue eyes. She looks very shy and innocent.[3]

Personality Edit

Fu-girl is obsessed with zombie manga[4][5]. She is very violent, and beats people up (usually with a metal baseball bat[6]) when they show zombie like symptoms. Even if she does look fairly innocent, she is known to be very crude in language, and very demanding.

Relationships Edit

  • Very close to Sommelier. They are often seen together. Fu-girl and Sommelier have a crush on eachother. They later confess to each other on and start going out.
  • She is often violent to Umi. She sees him as someone who sacrifices himself in a zombie outbreak and then became one himself. [7] Because of that, she often beats him up.

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