Is Denki-gai Burning?



Denkigai wa Moete Iru ka

Air Date

October 9, 2014


Episode 2 Part 2

Opening Song

Kajirikake no Ringo

Ending Song

Two-Dimension's Love

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Is Denki-gai Burning? (デンキ街は燃えているか Denkigai wa Moete Iru ka) is the second part of second episode of Denki-Gai no Honya-san.


Denki-gai is having summer festival and all shop in Denki-gai are participating including Umahone. The winner will receive 10,000 yen prizes and a year supply of oden and the most excited to win was Fu-girl and she was the leader of this festival for Umahone.

The festival hosted by SSDko, Denki-gai official character. The first match was running while grabbing underwear with mouth. Sommelier participate and won this match. Next match was rolling golden ball. Hiotan was participate this match and lost. Next match was wife-carrying race and Umio was participate by carrying an anime figure, Onomi. Umio lost due lost attention to rival's anime figure.

Next match was tug-o-war. The match required five members which participated by Director, Sommelier, Kameko, Sensei and Fu-girl. Umahone lost due Kameko lost attention to game. The host change to SDko. Final match was shot water gun to enemy to wet his flag on his head. The match required 3 person and Umahone formed 2 groups. Sensei is give up due she had to wear swimsuit. Hiotan lost due to surround by another people. Director and Kameko decided not to help because don't want their camera wet. Hiotan has the flag making team Diretor, Hiotan and Kameko lost. As Fu-girl team surrounded, she decided to give Umio blood gun. Umio lost because some of the blood has on his face making looked like zombie and Fu-girl shot him. As Fu-girl and Sommelier surrounded, they decided to combine. Many teams lost due to combination. One of team use fire hydrant to attack Sommelier. The team lost as Sensei shot them. Sensei also shot Fu-girl in order to win as she participate solo.

In the evening, Fu-girl meeting Sommelier at a bridge. Fu-girl gloomy due to lost and Sommelier want them to combine next time.


• All match is anime original except for the water gun.

• In manga, Umio lost because Sommelier accidentally shot him while in anime, Fu-girl shot him.

• In manga, after the match, all members of Umahone still playing with water while in anime not.

• In manga, some scene of Episode 4 shown.

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