Party Hard
Air Date

October 9, 2014


Episode 3 Part 1

Opening Song

Kajirikake no Ringo

Ending Song

Two-Dimension's Love

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Is Electric Town Burning? Hiotan, Go Home

Deep Deep Night is the first part of second episode of Denki-Gai no Honya-san.


Umahone is selling Die Heart 2, eroge game and Hiotan with Fu-girl had to cosplay outside the shop for advertisement. As Hiotan struggle cold outside the shop and ask Director essential for this thing. Director console Hiotan by telling that the game become a companion for those who spend their Christmas alone. However he only tricked Hiotan.

As Hiotan and Fu-girl switched place, Hiotan chat with Director. Director asked Hiotan to go out shopping. As they done shopping, Hiotan and Director went to Diretor's house to decorate it for Christmas party. Next day, all members of Umahone have a party at Director's house. Everyone came with cosplay except Sensei. Hiotan, Fu-girl and Kameko force her to wear cosplay. All of them praise Sensei, making her embarrassed and she rushing to a christmas tree. Then everyone take a photo together. As they eating, Director gloomy as all of them single. Umio denied it and told everyone about his anime girlfriend until morning.


• In manga, Kameko's hat is taken off when taking picture while in anime not.

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Chapter 7